Uses of Interface

Packages that use IProcessUI
Provide interface and default implementation of iDempiere core services (model factory, callout factory, etc)
Provide classes for import and export of data using csv or excel format
Provide utility and helper classes.
Provide server context implementation.
Provide classes for generation of model and interfaces for table.
Provide process, drill assistant, feedback request and callout dialog implementation.
Provide global search and label search component.
This is the package that contains the majority of iDempiere's generated model class and interface.
Provide majority of iDempiere's extended model class (M*).
Provide interface and classes for iDempiere reporting engine.
Provide classes and interface for iDempiere process.
Provide implementation for conversion of amount to word.
Provide cache, server log, JDBC interface, field display/data type, transaction, email, INI properties, security key store, encryption and environment context implementation.