Class AbstractProcessCtl

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public abstract class AbstractProcessCtl extends Object implements Runnable
Process Interface Controller.
$Id:,v 1.2 2006/07/30 00:51:27 jjanke Exp $
Jorg Janke, Low Heng Sin - Added support for having description and parameter in one dialog - Added support to run db process remotely on server, Teo Sarca, SC ARHIPAC SERVICE SRL
  • BF [ 1757523 ] Server Processes are using Server's context
  • FR [ 1807922 ] Pocess threads should have a better name
  • BF [ 1960523 ] Server Process functionality not working
    • Constructor Details

      • AbstractProcessCtl

        public AbstractProcessCtl(IProcessUI aProcessUI, int WindowNo, ProcessInfo pi, Trx trx)
        aProcessUI -
        WindowNo -
        pi - Process info
        trx - Transaction Created in process(), VInvoiceGen.generateInvoices
    • Method Details

      • start

        public void start()
        Run this process in a new thread
      • run

        public void run()
        Execute Process Instance and Lock UI. Calls lockUI and unlockUI if parent is a ASyncProcess
                        - Get Process Information
              - Call Class
                        - Submit SQL Procedure
                        - Run SQL Procedure
        Specified by:
        run in interface Runnable
      • updateProgressWindowTimerEstimate

        protected abstract void updateProgressWindowTimerEstimate(int estSeconds)
      • updateProgressWindowTitle

        protected abstract void updateProgressWindowTitle(String title)
      • lock

        protected abstract void lock()
        Lock UI and show Waiting
      • unlock

        protected abstract void unlock()
        Unlock UI and dispose Waiting. Called from run()
      • getWindowNo

        protected int getWindowNo()
      • getProcessInfo

        protected ProcessInfo getProcessInfo()
      • getProcessMonitor

        protected IProcessUI getProcessMonitor()
      • getParent

        protected IProcessUI getParent()
      • isServerProcess

        @Deprecated protected boolean isServerProcess()