Uses of Interface

Packages that use I_Persistent
One of the package that provide extended model class for iDempiere core tables.
Provide generic PO implementation that doesn't use generated model class.
Provide interface for tax provider, shipment processor, zoom provider and address validation.
Provide iDempiere model interface (I_*) wrapper for PO and GridTab.
Provide implementation of order promotion rule and zoom across targets.
Provide classes for posting of accounting document to the fact table (MFactAcct.
Provide import implementation for AD_ImpFormat and AD_ImpFormat_Row.
Provide bank statement loading and matching integration support.
This is the package that contains the majority of iDempiere's generated model class and interface.
Provide majority of iDempiere's extended model class (M*).
Provide interface and classes for iDempiere reporting engine.
Provide implementation for iDempiere financial report writer
Provide iDempiere workflow engine implementation
Provide extended and generated model class and interface for tables.