Class MBankStatementLoader

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Comparator<Object>, I_C_BankStatementLoader, I_Persistent, Evaluatee

public class MBankStatementLoader extends X_C_BankStatementLoader
  Bank Statement Loader Model.
  This class is responsible for creating an instance of the
  bank statement loader class to use.
  It also inserts the data into the I_BankStatement table.

  The loader objects can access their configuration (e.g. file, URL,
  password etc) using the corresponding get methods provided by this class.
  As this class is derived from PO, "Persistent Object" it has access to
  the loader configuration that has been entered for this loader.
  How these values are interpreted is the responsibility of the loader.
  There are two file names provided, getFileName() and getLocalFileName().
  The first one is the file name as entered on the loader configuration tab,
  the second one is the file name parameter from the loader process.
  Recommended behavior for a file based loader would be to use the file
  name from the process parameter if available, and resort to the file name
  from the loader configuration as a second option.
  For a HTTP based loader the file name from the loader configuration should
  be used to construct the URL to connect to (combined with the other parameters).
  In this scenario the file name from the process parameter can be used to save
  the acquired statement data to disk.
        author Maarten Klinker, Eldir Tomassen
$Id:,v 1.3 2006/07/30 00:51:04 jjanke Exp $
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  • Constructor Details

    • MBankStatementLoader

      public MBankStatementLoader(Properties ctx, String C_BankStatementLoader_UU, String trxName)
      UUID based Constructor
      ctx - Context
      C_BankStatementLoader_UU - UUID key
      trxName - Transaction
    • MBankStatementLoader

      public MBankStatementLoader(Properties ctx, int C_BankStatementLoader_ID, String trxName)
      Create a Statement Loader Added for compatibility with new PO infrastructure (bug# 968136)
      ctx - Current context
      C_BankStatementLoader_ID - loader to use
      trxName - transaction
    • MBankStatementLoader

      public MBankStatementLoader(Properties ctx, int C_BankStatementLoader_ID, String fileName, String trxName)
      Create a Statement Loader
      ctx - Current context
      C_BankStatementLoader_ID - loader to use
      fileName - input file
      trxName - transaction
    • MBankStatementLoader

      public MBankStatementLoader(Properties ctx, ResultSet rs, String trxName)
      Create a Statement Loader
      ctx - Current context
      rs - ResultSet
      trxName - transaction
  • Method Details

    • toString

      public String toString()
      Return id and name
      toString in class X_C_BankStatementLoader
      id and name
    • getLocalFileName

      public String getLocalFileName()
      Return Local File Name
    • loadLines

      public boolean loadLines()
      Start loading Bankstatements
      true if loading completed successfully
    • saveLine

      public boolean saveLine()
      Save last loaded line from loader into the I_BankStatement table. This method is called by the BankStatementLoader after a complete statement line has been read.
      true if Statement line was loaded successfully.
    • getLastSavedLine

      public X_I_BankStatement getLastSavedLine()
      Return the last saved line
      last saved X_I_BankStatement record
    • getErrorMessage

      public String getErrorMessage()
      Return the most recent error
      Error message This error message will be handled as a Adempiere message, (e.g. it can be translated)
    • getErrorDescription

      public String getErrorDescription()
      Return the most recent error description
      Error description This is an additional error description, it can be used to provided descriptive information, such as a file name or SQL error, that can not be translated by the Adempiere message system.
    • getLoadCount

      public int getLoadCount()
      The total number of statement lines loaded
      Number of imported statement lines