Class MFreight

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Comparator<Object>, I_M_Freight, I_Persistent, Evaluatee

public class MFreight extends X_M_Freight
Freight amount model
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  • Constructor Details

    • MFreight

      public MFreight(Properties ctx, String M_Freight_UU, String trxName)
      UUID based Constructor
      ctx - Context
      M_Freight_UU - UUID key
      trxName - Transaction
    • MFreight

      public MFreight(Properties ctx, int M_Freight_ID, String trxName)
      Default constructor
      ctx - Context
      M_Freight_ID - If set to 0 a new category is created.
      trxName - Name of database transaction
    • MFreight

      public MFreight(Properties ctx, ResultSet rs, String trxName)
      Constructor using a resultset.
      ctx - Context
      rs - ResultSet
      trxName - Name of database transaction
  • Method Details

    • get

      public static MFreight get(Properties ctx, int shipperId, int freightCategoryId, Timestamp dateOrdered, BigDecimal weight, BigDecimal maxProductDimension, int countryFrom, int countryTo, int regionFrom, int regionTo, String trxName)
       Get a freight record based on the parameters.
       Shipper, Freight Category are used as filters.
       DateOrdered is used to get the most recent record that is valid for that date.
       MaxDimension is used to get records that are valid for such dimensions.
       Country/Region From/To are used as filters.
      ctx - Context
      shipperId - Shipper
      freightCategoryId - Freight Category
      dateOrdered - Date from the Order
      weight - Weight of the order
      maxProductDimension - Max Product Dimension from all products in the order
      countryFrom - Country of origin
      countryTo - Destination country
      regionFrom - Region of origin
      regionTo - Destination region
      trxName - Transaction Name
      a freight record or null if not found