Class MFreightCategory

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Comparator<Object>, I_M_FreightCategory, I_Persistent, Evaluatee

public class MFreightCategory extends X_M_FreightCategory
Freight category model
Daniel Tamm
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  • Constructor Details

    • MFreightCategory

      public MFreightCategory(Properties ctx, String M_FreightCategory_UU, String trxName)
      UUID based Constructor
      ctx - Context
      M_FreightCategory_UU - UUID key
      trxName - Transaction
    • MFreightCategory

      public MFreightCategory(Properties ctx, int M_FreightCategory_ID, String trxName)
      Default constructor
      ctx - Context
      M_FreightCategory_ID - If set to 0 a new category is created.
      trxName - Name of database transaction
    • MFreightCategory

      public MFreightCategory(Properties ctx, ResultSet rs, String trxName)
      Constructor using a resultset.
      ctx -
      rs -
      trxName -
  • Method Details

    • getByValue

      public static MFreightCategory getByValue(Properties ctx, String value, String trxName)
      Reads a freight category from database based on the value (key) of the category. No cache is used.
      ctx - Context. The context is used to match only categories within the client.
      value -
      trxName -
      If a match is found, the freight category. No match returns null.