Interface I_A_Asset_Change

All Known Implementing Classes:
MAssetChange, X_A_Asset_Change

public interface I_A_Asset_Change
Generated Interface for A_Asset_Change
Release 11
iDempiere (generated)
  • Field Details

    • Table_Name

      static final String Table_Name
      See Also:
    • Table_ID

      static final int Table_ID
      See Also:
    • Model

      static final KeyNamePair Model
    • accessLevel

      static final BigDecimal accessLevel
      AccessLevel = 7 - System - Client - Org
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Accumdepreciation_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Accumdepreciation_Acct
      Column name A_Accumdepreciation_Acct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Acct
      Column name A_Asset_Acct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Acct_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Acct_ID
      Column name A_Asset_Acct_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Addition_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Addition_ID
      Column name A_Asset_Addition_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Change_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Change_ID
      Column name A_Asset_Change_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Change_UU

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Change_UU
      Column name A_Asset_Change_UU
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_CreateDate

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_CreateDate
      Column name A_Asset_CreateDate
      See Also:

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_ID
      Column name A_Asset_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Retirement_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_Retirement_ID
      Column name A_Asset_Retirement_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_RevalDate

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Asset_RevalDate
      Column name A_Asset_RevalDate
      See Also:

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AD_Client_ID
      Column name AD_Client_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Depreciation_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Depreciation_Acct
      Column name A_Depreciation_Acct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Depreciation_Manual_Amount

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Depreciation_Manual_Amount
      Column name A_Depreciation_Manual_Amount
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Depreciation_Manual_Period

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Depreciation_Manual_Period
      Column name A_Depreciation_Manual_Period
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Depreciation_Table_Header_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Depreciation_Table_Header_ID
      Column name A_Depreciation_Table_Header_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Depreciation_Variable_Perc

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Depreciation_Variable_Perc
      Column name A_Depreciation_Variable_Perc
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Disposal_Loss_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Disposal_Loss_Acct
      Column name A_Disposal_Loss_Acct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Disposal_Revenue_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Disposal_Revenue_Acct
      Column name A_Disposal_Revenue_Acct
      See Also:

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AD_Org_ID
      Column name AD_Org_ID
      See Also:

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AD_User_ID
      Column name AD_User_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Parent_Asset_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Parent_Asset_ID
      Column name A_Parent_Asset_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Period_End

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Period_End
      Column name A_Period_End
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Period_Start

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Period_Start
      Column name A_Period_Start
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_QTY_Current

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_QTY_Current
      Column name A_QTY_Current
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_QTY_Original

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_QTY_Original
      Column name A_QTY_Original
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Cur

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Cur
      Column name A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Cur
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Prior

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Prior
      Column name A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Prior
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Adep_Offset_Cur_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Adep_Offset_Cur_Acct
      Column name A_Reval_Adep_Offset_Cur_Acct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Adep_Offset_Prior_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Adep_Offset_Prior_Acct
      Column name A_Reval_Adep_Offset_Prior_Acct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Cal_Method

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Cal_Method
      Column name A_Reval_Cal_Method
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Cost_Offset

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Cost_Offset
      Column name A_Reval_Cost_Offset
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Acct
      Column name A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Acct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior
      Column name A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior_Acct
      Column name A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior_Acct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Depexp_Offset

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Depexp_Offset
      Column name A_Reval_Depexp_Offset
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Depexp_Offset_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Reval_Depexp_Offset_Acct
      Column name A_Reval_Depexp_Offset_Acct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Salvage_Value

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Salvage_Value
      Column name A_Salvage_Value
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_A_Split_Percent

      static final String COLUMNNAME_A_Split_Percent
      Column name A_Split_Percent
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_AssetAccumDepreciationAmt

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AssetAccumDepreciationAmt
      Column name AssetAccumDepreciationAmt
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_AssetBookValueAmt

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AssetBookValueAmt
      Column name AssetBookValueAmt
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_AssetDepreciationDate

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AssetDepreciationDate
      Column name AssetDepreciationDate
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_AssetDisposalDate

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AssetDisposalDate
      Column name AssetDisposalDate
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_AssetMarketValueAmt

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AssetMarketValueAmt
      Column name AssetMarketValueAmt
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_AssetServiceDate

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AssetServiceDate
      Column name AssetServiceDate
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_AssetValueAmt

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AssetValueAmt
      Column name AssetValueAmt
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_C_AcctSchema_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_C_AcctSchema_ID
      Column name C_AcctSchema_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_C_BPartner_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_C_BPartner_ID
      Column name C_BPartner_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_C_BPartner_Location_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_C_BPartner_Location_ID
      Column name C_BPartner_Location_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_ChangeAmt

      static final String COLUMNNAME_ChangeAmt
      Column name ChangeAmt
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_ChangeDate

      static final String COLUMNNAME_ChangeDate
      Column name ChangeDate
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_ChangeType

      static final String COLUMNNAME_ChangeType
      Column name ChangeType
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_C_Location_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_C_Location_ID
      Column name C_Location_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_Created

      static final String COLUMNNAME_Created
      Column name Created
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_CreatedBy

      static final String COLUMNNAME_CreatedBy
      Column name CreatedBy
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_C_ValidCombination_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_C_ValidCombination_ID
      Column name C_ValidCombination_ID
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_DateAcct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_DateAcct
      Column name DateAcct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_IsActive

      static final String COLUMNNAME_IsActive
      Column name IsActive
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_IsDepreciated

      static final String COLUMNNAME_IsDepreciated
      Column name IsDepreciated
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_IsDisposed

      static final String COLUMNNAME_IsDisposed
      Column name IsDisposed
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_IsFullyDepreciated

      static final String COLUMNNAME_IsFullyDepreciated
      Column name IsFullyDepreciated
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_IsInPosession

      static final String COLUMNNAME_IsInPosession
      Column name IsInPosession
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_IsOwned

      static final String COLUMNNAME_IsOwned
      Column name IsOwned
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_LifeUseUnits

      static final String COLUMNNAME_LifeUseUnits
      Column name LifeUseUnits
      See Also:

      static final String COLUMNNAME_Lot
      Column name Lot
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_PostingType

      static final String COLUMNNAME_PostingType
      Column name PostingType
      See Also:

      static final String COLUMNNAME_SerNo
      Column name SerNo
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_TextDetails

      static final String COLUMNNAME_TextDetails
      Column name TextDetails
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_Updated

      static final String COLUMNNAME_Updated
      Column name Updated
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_UpdatedBy

      static final String COLUMNNAME_UpdatedBy
      Column name UpdatedBy
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_UseLifeMonths

      static final String COLUMNNAME_UseLifeMonths
      Column name UseLifeMonths
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_UseLifeYears

      static final String COLUMNNAME_UseLifeYears
      Column name UseLifeYears
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_UseUnits

      static final String COLUMNNAME_UseUnits
      Column name UseUnits
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_VersionNo

      static final String COLUMNNAME_VersionNo
      Column name VersionNo
      See Also:
  • Method Details

    • setA_Accumdepreciation_Acct

      void setA_Accumdepreciation_Acct(int A_Accumdepreciation_Acct)
      Set Accumulated Depreciation Account
    • getA_Accumdepreciation_Acct

      int getA_Accumdepreciation_Acct()
      Get Accumulated Depreciation Account
    • getA_Accumdepreciation_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getA_Accumdepreciation_A() throws RuntimeException
    • setA_Asset_Acct

      void setA_Asset_Acct(int A_Asset_Acct)
      Set Asset Acct
    • getA_Asset_Acct

      int getA_Asset_Acct()
      Get Asset Acct
    • getA_Asset_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getA_Asset_A() throws RuntimeException
    • setA_Asset_Acct_ID

      void setA_Asset_Acct_ID(int A_Asset_Acct_ID)
      Set A_Asset_Acct_ID
    • getA_Asset_Acct_ID

      int getA_Asset_Acct_ID()
      Get A_Asset_Acct_ID
    • setA_Asset_Addition_ID

      void setA_Asset_Addition_ID(int A_Asset_Addition_ID)
      Set Asset Addition
    • getA_Asset_Addition_ID

      int getA_Asset_Addition_ID()
      Get Asset Addition
    • setA_Asset_Change_ID

      void setA_Asset_Change_ID(int A_Asset_Change_ID)
      Set A_Asset_Change_ID
    • getA_Asset_Change_ID

      int getA_Asset_Change_ID()
      Get A_Asset_Change_ID
    • setA_Asset_Change_UU

      void setA_Asset_Change_UU(String A_Asset_Change_UU)
      Set A_Asset_Change_UU
    • getA_Asset_Change_UU

      String getA_Asset_Change_UU()
      Get A_Asset_Change_UU
    • setA_Asset_CreateDate

      void setA_Asset_CreateDate(Timestamp A_Asset_CreateDate)
      Set Create Date
    • getA_Asset_CreateDate

      Timestamp getA_Asset_CreateDate()
      Get Create Date
    • setA_Asset_ID

      void setA_Asset_ID(int A_Asset_ID)
      Set Asset. Asset used internally or by customers
    • getA_Asset_ID

      int getA_Asset_ID()
      Get Asset. Asset used internally or by customers
    • getA_Asset

      I_A_Asset getA_Asset() throws RuntimeException
    • setA_Asset_Retirement_ID

      void setA_Asset_Retirement_ID(int A_Asset_Retirement_ID)
      Set Asset Retirement. Internally used asset is not longer used.
    • getA_Asset_Retirement_ID

      int getA_Asset_Retirement_ID()
      Get Asset Retirement. Internally used asset is not longer used.
    • setA_Asset_RevalDate

      void setA_Asset_RevalDate(Timestamp A_Asset_RevalDate)
      Set Revaluation Date
    • getA_Asset_RevalDate

      Timestamp getA_Asset_RevalDate()
      Get Revaluation Date
    • getAD_Client_ID

      int getAD_Client_ID()
      Get Tenant. Tenant for this installation.
    • setA_Depreciation_Acct

      void setA_Depreciation_Acct(int A_Depreciation_Acct)
      Set Depreciation Account
    • getA_Depreciation_Acct

      int getA_Depreciation_Acct()
      Get Depreciation Account
    • getA_Depreciation_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getA_Depreciation_A() throws RuntimeException
    • setA_Depreciation_Manual_Amount

      void setA_Depreciation_Manual_Amount(BigDecimal A_Depreciation_Manual_Amount)
      Set A_Depreciation_Manual_Amount
    • getA_Depreciation_Manual_Amount

      BigDecimal getA_Depreciation_Manual_Amount()
      Get A_Depreciation_Manual_Amount
    • setA_Depreciation_Manual_Period

      void setA_Depreciation_Manual_Period(String A_Depreciation_Manual_Period)
      Set A_Depreciation_Manual_Period
    • getA_Depreciation_Manual_Period

      String getA_Depreciation_Manual_Period()
      Get A_Depreciation_Manual_Period
    • setA_Depreciation_Table_Header_ID

      void setA_Depreciation_Table_Header_ID(int A_Depreciation_Table_Header_ID)
      Set A_Depreciation_Table_Header_ID
    • getA_Depreciation_Table_Header_ID

      int getA_Depreciation_Table_Header_ID()
      Get A_Depreciation_Table_Header_ID
    • getA_Depreciation_Table_Header

      I_A_Depreciation_Table_Header getA_Depreciation_Table_Header() throws RuntimeException
    • setA_Depreciation_Variable_Perc

      void setA_Depreciation_Variable_Perc(BigDecimal A_Depreciation_Variable_Perc)
      Set Variable Percent
    • getA_Depreciation_Variable_Perc

      BigDecimal getA_Depreciation_Variable_Perc()
      Get Variable Percent
    • setA_Disposal_Loss_Acct

      void setA_Disposal_Loss_Acct(int A_Disposal_Loss_Acct)
      Set Disposal Loss Acct
    • getA_Disposal_Loss_Acct

      int getA_Disposal_Loss_Acct()
      Get Disposal Loss Acct
    • getA_Disposal_Loss_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getA_Disposal_Loss_A() throws RuntimeException
    • setA_Disposal_Revenue_Acct

      void setA_Disposal_Revenue_Acct(int A_Disposal_Revenue_Acct)
      Set Disposal Revenue Acct
    • getA_Disposal_Revenue_Acct

      int getA_Disposal_Revenue_Acct()
      Get Disposal Revenue Acct
    • getA_Disposal_Revenue_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getA_Disposal_Revenue_A() throws RuntimeException
    • setAD_Org_ID

      void setAD_Org_ID(int AD_Org_ID)
      Set Organization. Organizational entity within tenant
    • getAD_Org_ID

      int getAD_Org_ID()
      Get Organization. Organizational entity within tenant
    • setAD_User_ID

      void setAD_User_ID(int AD_User_ID)
      Set User/Contact. User within the system - Internal or Business Partner Contact
    • getAD_User_ID

      int getAD_User_ID()
      Get User/Contact. User within the system - Internal or Business Partner Contact
    • getAD_User

      I_AD_User getAD_User() throws RuntimeException
    • setA_Parent_Asset_ID

      void setA_Parent_Asset_ID(int A_Parent_Asset_ID)
      Set Parent Asset
    • getA_Parent_Asset_ID

      int getA_Parent_Asset_ID()
      Get Parent Asset
    • getA_Parent_Asset

      I_A_Asset getA_Parent_Asset() throws RuntimeException
    • setA_Period_End

      void setA_Period_End(int A_Period_End)
      Set A_Period_End
    • getA_Period_End

      int getA_Period_End()
      Get A_Period_End
    • setA_Period_Start

      void setA_Period_Start(int A_Period_Start)
      Set A_Period_Start
    • getA_Period_Start

      int getA_Period_Start()
      Get A_Period_Start
    • setA_QTY_Current

      void setA_QTY_Current(BigDecimal A_QTY_Current)
      Set Current Qty
    • getA_QTY_Current

      BigDecimal getA_QTY_Current()
      Get Current Qty
    • setA_QTY_Original

      void setA_QTY_Original(BigDecimal A_QTY_Original)
      Set A_QTY_Original
    • getA_QTY_Original

      BigDecimal getA_QTY_Original()
      Get A_QTY_Original
    • setA_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Cur

      void setA_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Cur(int A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Cur)
      Set Revaluation Accumulated Depreciation Offset for Current Year
    • getA_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Cur

      int getA_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Cur()
      Get Revaluation Accumulated Depreciation Offset for Current Year
    • setA_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Prior

      void setA_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Prior(int A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Prior)
      Set Revaluation Accumulated Depreciation Offset for Prior Year
    • getA_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Prior

      int getA_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Prior()
      Get Revaluation Accumulated Depreciation Offset for Prior Year
    • setA_Reval_Adep_Offset_Cur_Acct

      void setA_Reval_Adep_Offset_Cur_Acct(int A_Reval_Adep_Offset_Cur_Acct)
      Set A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Cur
    • getA_Reval_Adep_Offset_Cur_Acct

      int getA_Reval_Adep_Offset_Cur_Acct()
      Get A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Cur
    • setA_Reval_Adep_Offset_Prior_Acct

      void setA_Reval_Adep_Offset_Prior_Acct(int A_Reval_Adep_Offset_Prior_Acct)
      Set A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Prior
    • getA_Reval_Adep_Offset_Prior_Acct

      int getA_Reval_Adep_Offset_Prior_Acct()
      Get A_Reval_Accumdep_Offset_Prior
    • setA_Reval_Cal_Method

      void setA_Reval_Cal_Method(String A_Reval_Cal_Method)
      Set A_Reval_Cal_Method
    • getA_Reval_Cal_Method

      String getA_Reval_Cal_Method()
      Get A_Reval_Cal_Method
    • setA_Reval_Cost_Offset

      void setA_Reval_Cost_Offset(int A_Reval_Cost_Offset)
      Set Revaluation Cost Offset for Current Year
    • getA_Reval_Cost_Offset

      int getA_Reval_Cost_Offset()
      Get Revaluation Cost Offset for Current Year
    • setA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Acct

      void setA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Acct(int A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Acct)
      Set Reval Cost Offset Acct
    • getA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Acct

      int getA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Acct()
      Get Reval Cost Offset Acct
    • setA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior

      void setA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior(int A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior)
      Set Revaluation Cost Offset for Prior Year
    • getA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior

      int getA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior()
      Get Revaluation Cost Offset for Prior Year
    • setA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior_Acct

      void setA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior_Acct(int A_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior_Acct)
      Set Reval Cost Offset Prior Acct
    • getA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior_Acct

      int getA_Reval_Cost_Offset_Prior_Acct()
      Get Reval Cost Offset Prior Acct
    • setA_Reval_Depexp_Offset

      void setA_Reval_Depexp_Offset(int A_Reval_Depexp_Offset)
      Set Revaluation Expense Offs
    • getA_Reval_Depexp_Offset

      int getA_Reval_Depexp_Offset()
      Get Revaluation Expense Offs
    • setA_Reval_Depexp_Offset_Acct

      void setA_Reval_Depexp_Offset_Acct(int A_Reval_Depexp_Offset_Acct)
      Set Reval Depexp Offset Acct
    • getA_Reval_Depexp_Offset_Acct

      int getA_Reval_Depexp_Offset_Acct()
      Get Reval Depexp Offset Acct
    • setA_Salvage_Value

      void setA_Salvage_Value(BigDecimal A_Salvage_Value)
      Set Asset Salvage Value
    • getA_Salvage_Value

      BigDecimal getA_Salvage_Value()
      Get Asset Salvage Value
    • setA_Split_Percent

      void setA_Split_Percent(BigDecimal A_Split_Percent)
      Set Split Percent
    • getA_Split_Percent

      BigDecimal getA_Split_Percent()
      Get Split Percent
    • setAssetAccumDepreciationAmt

      void setAssetAccumDepreciationAmt(BigDecimal AssetAccumDepreciationAmt)
      Set Asset Accum Depreciation Amt
    • getAssetAccumDepreciationAmt

      BigDecimal getAssetAccumDepreciationAmt()
      Get Asset Accum Depreciation Amt
    • setAssetBookValueAmt

      void setAssetBookValueAmt(BigDecimal AssetBookValueAmt)
      Set Asset Book Value Amt
    • getAssetBookValueAmt

      BigDecimal getAssetBookValueAmt()
      Get Asset Book Value Amt
    • setAssetDepreciationDate

      void setAssetDepreciationDate(Timestamp AssetDepreciationDate)
      Set Asset Depreciation Date. Date of last depreciation
    • getAssetDepreciationDate

      Timestamp getAssetDepreciationDate()
      Get Asset Depreciation Date. Date of last depreciation
    • setAssetDisposalDate

      void setAssetDisposalDate(Timestamp AssetDisposalDate)
      Set Asset Disposal Date. Date when the asset is/was disposed
    • getAssetDisposalDate

      Timestamp getAssetDisposalDate()
      Get Asset Disposal Date. Date when the asset is/was disposed
    • setAssetMarketValueAmt

      void setAssetMarketValueAmt(BigDecimal AssetMarketValueAmt)
      Set Market value Amount. Market value of the asset
    • getAssetMarketValueAmt

      BigDecimal getAssetMarketValueAmt()
      Get Market value Amount. Market value of the asset
    • setAssetServiceDate

      void setAssetServiceDate(Timestamp AssetServiceDate)
      Set In Service Date. Date when Asset was put into service
    • getAssetServiceDate

      Timestamp getAssetServiceDate()
      Get In Service Date. Date when Asset was put into service
    • setAssetValueAmt

      void setAssetValueAmt(BigDecimal AssetValueAmt)
      Set Asset value. Book Value of the asset
    • getAssetValueAmt

      BigDecimal getAssetValueAmt()
      Get Asset value. Book Value of the asset
    • setC_AcctSchema_ID

      void setC_AcctSchema_ID(int C_AcctSchema_ID)
      Set Accounting Schema. Rules for accounting
    • getC_AcctSchema_ID

      int getC_AcctSchema_ID()
      Get Accounting Schema. Rules for accounting
    • getC_AcctSchema

      I_C_AcctSchema getC_AcctSchema() throws RuntimeException
    • setC_BPartner_ID

      void setC_BPartner_ID(int C_BPartner_ID)
      Set Business Partner. Identifies a Business Partner
    • getC_BPartner_ID

      int getC_BPartner_ID()
      Get Business Partner. Identifies a Business Partner
    • getC_BPartner

      I_C_BPartner getC_BPartner() throws RuntimeException
    • setC_BPartner_Location_ID

      void setC_BPartner_Location_ID(int C_BPartner_Location_ID)
      Set Partner Location. Identifies the (ship to) address for this Business Partner
    • getC_BPartner_Location_ID

      int getC_BPartner_Location_ID()
      Get Partner Location. Identifies the (ship to) address for this Business Partner
    • getC_BPartner_Location

      I_C_BPartner_Location getC_BPartner_Location() throws RuntimeException
    • setChangeAmt

      void setChangeAmt(BigDecimal ChangeAmt)
      Set Change Amt
    • getChangeAmt

      BigDecimal getChangeAmt()
      Get Change Amt
    • setChangeDate

      void setChangeDate(Timestamp ChangeDate)
      Set Change Date
    • getChangeDate

      Timestamp getChangeDate()
      Get Change Date
    • setChangeType

      void setChangeType(String ChangeType)
      Set Change Type
    • getChangeType

      String getChangeType()
      Get Change Type
    • setC_Location_ID

      void setC_Location_ID(int C_Location_ID)
      Set Address. Location or Address
    • getC_Location_ID

      int getC_Location_ID()
      Get Address. Location or Address
    • getC_Location

      I_C_Location getC_Location() throws RuntimeException
    • getCreated

      Timestamp getCreated()
      Get Created. Date this record was created
    • getCreatedBy

      int getCreatedBy()
      Get Created By. User who created this records
    • setC_ValidCombination_ID

      void setC_ValidCombination_ID(int C_ValidCombination_ID)
      Set Combination. Valid Account Combination
    • getC_ValidCombination_ID

      int getC_ValidCombination_ID()
      Get Combination. Valid Account Combination
    • getC_ValidCombination

      I_C_ValidCombination getC_ValidCombination() throws RuntimeException
    • setDateAcct

      void setDateAcct(Timestamp DateAcct)
      Set Account Date. Accounting Date
    • getDateAcct

      Timestamp getDateAcct()
      Get Account Date. Accounting Date
    • setIsActive

      void setIsActive(boolean IsActive)
      Set Active. The record is active in the system
    • isActive

      boolean isActive()
      Get Active. The record is active in the system
    • setIsDepreciated

      void setIsDepreciated(boolean IsDepreciated)
      Set Depreciate. The asset will be depreciated
    • isDepreciated

      boolean isDepreciated()
      Get Depreciate. The asset will be depreciated
    • setIsDisposed

      void setIsDisposed(boolean IsDisposed)
      Set Disposed. The asset is disposed
    • isDisposed

      boolean isDisposed()
      Get Disposed. The asset is disposed
    • setIsFullyDepreciated

      void setIsFullyDepreciated(boolean IsFullyDepreciated)
      Set Fully depreciated. The asset is fully depreciated
    • isFullyDepreciated

      boolean isFullyDepreciated()
      Get Fully depreciated. The asset is fully depreciated
    • setIsInPosession

      void setIsInPosession(boolean IsInPosession)
      Set In Possession. The asset is in the possession of the organization
    • isInPosession

      boolean isInPosession()
      Get In Possession. The asset is in the possession of the organization
    • setIsOwned

      void setIsOwned(boolean IsOwned)
      Set Owned. The asset is owned by the organization
    • isOwned

      boolean isOwned()
      Get Owned. The asset is owned by the organization
    • setLifeUseUnits

      void setLifeUseUnits(int LifeUseUnits)
      Set Life use. Units of use until the asset is not usable anymore
    • getLifeUseUnits

      int getLifeUseUnits()
      Get Life use. Units of use until the asset is not usable anymore
    • setLot

      void setLot(String Lot)
      Set Lot No. Lot number (alphanumeric)
    • getLot

      String getLot()
      Get Lot No. Lot number (alphanumeric)
    • setPostingType

      void setPostingType(String PostingType)
      Set Posting Type. The type of posted amount for the transaction
    • getPostingType

      String getPostingType()
      Get Posting Type. The type of posted amount for the transaction
    • setSerNo

      void setSerNo(String SerNo)
      Set Serial No. Product Serial Number
    • getSerNo

      String getSerNo()
      Get Serial No. Product Serial Number
    • setTextDetails

      void setTextDetails(String TextDetails)
      Set Details
    • getTextDetails

      String getTextDetails()
      Get Details
    • getUpdated

      Timestamp getUpdated()
      Get Updated. Date this record was updated
    • getUpdatedBy

      int getUpdatedBy()
      Get Updated By. User who updated this records
    • setUseLifeMonths

      void setUseLifeMonths(int UseLifeMonths)
      Set Usable Life - Months. Months of the usable life of the asset
    • getUseLifeMonths

      int getUseLifeMonths()
      Get Usable Life - Months. Months of the usable life of the asset
    • setUseLifeYears

      void setUseLifeYears(BigDecimal UseLifeYears)
      Set Usable Life - Years. Years of the usable life of the asset
    • getUseLifeYears

      BigDecimal getUseLifeYears()
      Get Usable Life - Years. Years of the usable life of the asset
    • setUseUnits

      void setUseUnits(int UseUnits)
      Set Use units. Currently used units of the assets
    • getUseUnits

      int getUseUnits()
      Get Use units. Currently used units of the assets
    • setVersionNo

      void setVersionNo(String VersionNo)
      Set Version No. Version Number
    • getVersionNo

      String getVersionNo()
      Get Version No. Version Number