Class WPayPrint

All Implemented Interfaces:
ValueChangeListener, IFormController, org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.EventListener<org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.Event>

public class WPayPrint extends PayPrint implements IFormController, org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.EventListener<org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.Event>, ValueChangeListener
Form to Print and Export payment. Contributors: Carlos Ruiz - GlobalQSS - FR 3132033 - Make payment export class configurable per bank Markus Bozem: IDEMPIERE-1546 / IDEMPIERE-3286
  • Field Details

    • southPanel

      protected ConfirmPanel southPanel
      Action buttons panel. South of form
    • bPrint

      protected Button bPrint
      Button to print check
    • bExport

      protected Button bExport
      Button to export payment to file
    • bCancel

      protected Button bCancel
    • bProcess

      protected Button bProcess
      Button to process PAYMENTRULE_DirectDeposit payments
    • centerPanel

      protected Panel centerPanel
      Center of form
    • centerLayout

      protected Grid centerLayout
      Layout of centerPanel
    • lPaySelect

      protected Label lPaySelect
    • paySelectSearch

      protected WSearchEditor paySelectSearch
      Payment selections
    • lBank

      protected Label lBank
    • fBank

      protected Label fBank
      Bank name from C_BankAccount.C_Bank_ID
    • lPaymentRule

      protected Label lPaymentRule
    • fPaymentRule

      protected Listbox fPaymentRule
      Payment rules
    • lDocumentNo

      protected Label lDocumentNo
    • fDocumentNo

      protected WNumberEditor fDocumentNo
      Bank account document number (C_BankAccountDoc). Usually for check number.
    • lNoPayments

      protected Label lNoPayments
    • fNoPayments

      protected Label fNoPayments
      Number of C_PaySelectionCheck records
    • lBalance

      protected Label lBalance
    • fBalance

      protected WNumberEditor fBalance
    • lCurrency

      protected Label lCurrency
    • fCurrency

      protected Label fCurrency
      ISO_Code from C_BankAccount.C_Currency_ID
    • lDepositBatch

      protected Label lDepositBatch
    • fDepositBatch

      protected WYesNoEditor fDepositBatch
    • lSumPayments

      protected Label lSumPayments
    • fSumPayments

      protected WNumberEditor fSumPayments
      Sum of C_PaySelectionCheck.PayAmt
  • Constructor Details

    • WPayPrint

      public WPayPrint()
      Default constructor
  • Method Details

    • zkInit

      protected void zkInit() throws Exception
      Layout form
    • dynInit

      protected void dynInit()
      Dynamic Init
    • dispose

      public void dispose()
      Close form.
    • setPaySelection

      public void setPaySelection(int C_PaySelection_ID)
      Set Payment Selection
      C_PaySelection_ID - id
    • onEvent

      public void onEvent(org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.Event e)
      Event Listener
      Specified by:
      onEvent in interface org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.EventListener<org.zkoss.zk.ui.event.Event>
      e - event
    • loadPaySelectInfo

      protected void loadPaySelectInfo()
      load pay selection details
    • loadPaymentRule

      protected void loadPaymentRule()
      Bank changed - load PaymentRule
    • loadPaymentRuleInfo

      protected void loadPaymentRuleInfo()
      PaymentRule changed - load DocumentNo, NoPayments, enable/disable EFT, Print
    • getPluginFeatures

      protected void getPluginFeatures()
      load payment export class
    • cmd_export

      protected void cmd_export()
      Export payments to file
    • cmd_EFT

      protected void cmd_EFT()
      Create EFT payment
    • confirm_cmd_print

      protected void confirm_cmd_print()
      Confirm before printing
    • cmd_print

      protected void cmd_print()
      Print Checks and/or Remittance
    • getChecks

      protected boolean getChecks(String PaymentRule)
      Get Checks
      PaymentRule - Payment Rule
      true if payments were created
    • getForm

      public ADForm getForm()
      Description copied from interface: IFormController
      Called by org.adempiere.webui.panel.ADForm.openForm(int)
      Specified by:
      getForm in interface IFormController
    • valueChange

      public void valueChange(ValueChangeEvent e)
      Vetoable Change Listener.
      - Payment Selection
      Specified by:
      valueChange in interface ValueChangeListener
      e - event