Interface I_M_ShippingTransaction

All Known Implementing Classes:
MShippingTransaction, X_M_ShippingTransaction

public interface I_M_ShippingTransaction
Generated Interface for M_ShippingTransaction
Release 11
iDempiere (generated)
  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • setAction

      void setAction(String Action)
      Set Action. Indicates the Action to be performed
    • getAction

      String getAction()
      Get Action. Indicates the Action to be performed
    • getAD_Client_ID

      int getAD_Client_ID()
      Get Tenant. Tenant for this installation.
    • setAD_Org_ID

      void setAD_Org_ID(int AD_Org_ID)
      Set Organization. Organizational entity within tenant
    • getAD_Org_ID

      int getAD_Org_ID()
      Get Organization. Organizational entity within tenant
    • setAD_User_ID

      void setAD_User_ID(int AD_User_ID)
      Set User/Contact. User within the system - Internal or Business Partner Contact
    • getAD_User_ID

      int getAD_User_ID()
      Get User/Contact. User within the system - Internal or Business Partner Contact
    • getAD_User

      I_AD_User getAD_User() throws RuntimeException
    • setBill_Location_ID

      void setBill_Location_ID(int Bill_Location_ID)
      Set Invoice Location. Business Partner Location for invoicing
    • getBill_Location_ID

      int getBill_Location_ID()
      Get Invoice Location. Business Partner Location for invoicing
    • getBill_Location

      I_C_BPartner_Location getBill_Location() throws RuntimeException
    • setBoxCount

      void setBoxCount(int BoxCount)
      Set Box Count
    • getBoxCount

      int getBoxCount()
      Get Box Count
    • setCashOnDelivery

      void setCashOnDelivery(boolean CashOnDelivery)
      Set COD
    • isCashOnDelivery

      boolean isCashOnDelivery()
      Get COD
    • setC_BPartner_ID

      void setC_BPartner_ID(int C_BPartner_ID)
      Set Business Partner. Identifies a Business Partner
    • getC_BPartner_ID

      int getC_BPartner_ID()
      Get Business Partner. Identifies a Business Partner
    • getC_BPartner

      I_C_BPartner getC_BPartner() throws RuntimeException
    • setC_BPartner_Location_ID

      void setC_BPartner_Location_ID(int C_BPartner_Location_ID)
      Set Partner Location. Identifies the (ship to) address for this Business Partner
    • getC_BPartner_Location_ID

      int getC_BPartner_Location_ID()
      Get Partner Location. Identifies the (ship to) address for this Business Partner
    • getC_BPartner_Location

      I_C_BPartner_Location getC_BPartner_Location() throws RuntimeException
    • setC_BP_ShippingAcct_ID

      void setC_BP_ShippingAcct_ID(int C_BP_ShippingAcct_ID)
      Set Business Partner Shipping Account
    • getC_BP_ShippingAcct_ID

      int getC_BP_ShippingAcct_ID()
      Get Business Partner Shipping Account
    • getC_BP_ShippingAcct

      I_C_BP_ShippingAcct getC_BP_ShippingAcct() throws RuntimeException
    • setC_Currency_ID

      void setC_Currency_ID(int C_Currency_ID)
      Set Currency. The Currency for this record
    • getC_Currency_ID

      int getC_Currency_ID()
      Get Currency. The Currency for this record
    • getC_Currency

      I_C_Currency getC_Currency() throws RuntimeException
    • setC_Invoice_ID

      void setC_Invoice_ID(int C_Invoice_ID)
      Set Invoice. Invoice Identifier
    • getC_Invoice_ID

      int getC_Invoice_ID()
      Get Invoice. Invoice Identifier
    • getC_Invoice

      I_C_Invoice getC_Invoice() throws RuntimeException
    • setCODAmount

      void setCODAmount(BigDecimal CODAmount)
      Set COD Amount
    • getCODAmount

      BigDecimal getCODAmount()
      Get COD Amount
    • setC_Order_ID

      void setC_Order_ID(int C_Order_ID)
      Set Order. Order
    • getC_Order_ID

      int getC_Order_ID()
      Get Order. Order
    • getC_Order

      I_C_Order getC_Order() throws RuntimeException
    • getCreated

      Timestamp getCreated()
      Get Created. Date this record was created
    • getCreatedBy

      int getCreatedBy()
      Get Created By. User who created this records
    • setC_UOM_Length_ID

      void setC_UOM_Length_ID(int C_UOM_Length_ID)
      Set UOM for Length. Standard Unit of Measure for Length
    • getC_UOM_Length_ID

      int getC_UOM_Length_ID()
      Get UOM for Length. Standard Unit of Measure for Length
    • getC_UOM_Length

      I_C_UOM getC_UOM_Length() throws RuntimeException
    • setC_UOM_Weight_ID

      void setC_UOM_Weight_ID(int C_UOM_Weight_ID)
      Set UOM for Weight. Standard Unit of Measure for Weight
    • getC_UOM_Weight_ID

      int getC_UOM_Weight_ID()
      Get UOM for Weight. Standard Unit of Measure for Weight
    • getC_UOM_Weight

      I_C_UOM getC_UOM_Weight() throws RuntimeException
    • setCustomsValue

      void setCustomsValue(BigDecimal CustomsValue)
      Set Customs Value
    • getCustomsValue

      BigDecimal getCustomsValue()
      Get Customs Value
    • setDateReceived

      void setDateReceived(Timestamp DateReceived)
      Set Date Received. Date a product was received
    • getDateReceived

      Timestamp getDateReceived()
      Get Date Received. Date a product was received
    • setDeliveryConfirmation

      void setDeliveryConfirmation(boolean DeliveryConfirmation)
      Set Delivery Confirmation. EMail Delivery confirmation
    • isDeliveryConfirmation

      boolean isDeliveryConfirmation()
      Get Delivery Confirmation. EMail Delivery confirmation
    • setDeliveryConfirmationType

      void setDeliveryConfirmationType(String DeliveryConfirmationType)
      Set Delivery Confirmation Type
    • getDeliveryConfirmationType

      String getDeliveryConfirmationType()
      Get Delivery Confirmation Type
    • setDescription

      void setDescription(String Description)
      Set Description. Optional short description of the record
    • getDescription

      String getDescription()
      Get Description. Optional short description of the record
    • setDotHazardClassOrDivision

      void setDotHazardClassOrDivision(String DotHazardClassOrDivision)
      Set Dot Hazard Class or Division
    • getDotHazardClassOrDivision

      String getDotHazardClassOrDivision()
      Get Dot Hazard Class or Division
    • setDryIceWeight

      void setDryIceWeight(BigDecimal DryIceWeight)
      Set Dry Ice Weight
    • getDryIceWeight

      BigDecimal getDryIceWeight()
      Get Dry Ice Weight
    • setDutiesShipperAccount

      void setDutiesShipperAccount(String DutiesShipperAccount)
      Set Duties Shipper Account
    • getDutiesShipperAccount

      String getDutiesShipperAccount()
      Get Duties Shipper Account
    • setFOB

      void setFOB(String FOB)
      Set Freight Terms
    • getFOB

      String getFOB()
      Get Freight Terms
    • setFreightAmt

      void setFreightAmt(BigDecimal FreightAmt)
      Set Freight Amount. Freight Amount
    • getFreightAmt

      BigDecimal getFreightAmt()
      Get Freight Amount. Freight Amount
    • setFreightCharges

      void setFreightCharges(String FreightCharges)
      Set Freight Charges
    • getFreightCharges

      String getFreightCharges()
      Get Freight Charges
    • setHandlingCharge

      void setHandlingCharge(BigDecimal HandlingCharge)
      Set Handling Charge
    • getHandlingCharge

      BigDecimal getHandlingCharge()
      Get Handling Charge
    • setHeight

      void setHeight(BigDecimal Height)
      Set Height
    • getHeight

      BigDecimal getHeight()
      Get Height
    • setHoldAddress_ID

      void setHoldAddress_ID(int HoldAddress_ID)
      Set Hold Address
    • getHoldAddress_ID

      int getHoldAddress_ID()
      Get Hold Address
    • getHoldAddress

      I_C_BPartner_Location getHoldAddress() throws RuntimeException
    • setHomeDeliveryPremiumDate

      void setHomeDeliveryPremiumDate(Timestamp HomeDeliveryPremiumDate)
      Set Date
    • getHomeDeliveryPremiumDate

      Timestamp getHomeDeliveryPremiumDate()
      Get Date
    • setHomeDeliveryPremiumPhone

      void setHomeDeliveryPremiumPhone(String HomeDeliveryPremiumPhone)
      Set Phone Number
    • getHomeDeliveryPremiumPhone

      String getHomeDeliveryPremiumPhone()
      Get Phone Number
    • setHomeDeliveryPremiumType

      void setHomeDeliveryPremiumType(String HomeDeliveryPremiumType)
      Set Home Delivery Premium Type
    • getHomeDeliveryPremiumType

      String getHomeDeliveryPremiumType()
      Get Home Delivery Premium Type
    • setInsurance

      void setInsurance(String Insurance)
      Set Insurance
    • getInsurance

      String getInsurance()
      Get Insurance
    • setInsuredAmount

      void setInsuredAmount(BigDecimal InsuredAmount)
      Set Insured Amount
    • getInsuredAmount

      BigDecimal getInsuredAmount()
      Get Insured Amount
    • setIsAccessible

      void setIsAccessible(boolean IsAccessible)
      Set Accessible
    • isAccessible

      boolean isAccessible()
      Get Accessible
    • setIsActive

      void setIsActive(boolean IsActive)
      Set Active. The record is active in the system
    • isActive

      boolean isActive()
      Get Active. The record is active in the system
    • setIsAddedHandling

      void setIsAddedHandling(boolean IsAddedHandling)
      Set Added Handling
    • isAddedHandling

      boolean isAddedHandling()
      Get Added Handling
    • setIsAlternateReturnAddress

      void setIsAlternateReturnAddress(boolean IsAlternateReturnAddress)
      Set Alternate Return Address
    • isAlternateReturnAddress

      boolean isAlternateReturnAddress()
      Get Alternate Return Address
    • setIsCargoAircraftOnly

      void setIsCargoAircraftOnly(boolean IsCargoAircraftOnly)
      Set Cargo Aircraft Only
    • isCargoAircraftOnly

      boolean isCargoAircraftOnly()
      Get Cargo Aircraft Only
    • setIsDryIce

      void setIsDryIce(boolean IsDryIce)
      Set Dry Ice
    • isDryIce

      boolean isDryIce()
      Get Dry Ice
    • setIsDutiable

      void setIsDutiable(boolean IsDutiable)
      Set Dutiable
    • isDutiable

      boolean isDutiable()
      Get Dutiable
    • setIsFutureDayShipment

      void setIsFutureDayShipment(boolean IsFutureDayShipment)
      Set Future Day Shipment
    • isFutureDayShipment

      boolean isFutureDayShipment()
      Get Future Day Shipment
    • setIsHazMat

      void setIsHazMat(boolean IsHazMat)
      Set Hazardous Materials
    • isHazMat

      boolean isHazMat()
      Get Hazardous Materials
    • setIsHoldAtLocation

      void setIsHoldAtLocation(boolean IsHoldAtLocation)
      Set Hold At Location
    • isHoldAtLocation

      boolean isHoldAtLocation()
      Get Hold At Location
    • setIsIgnoreZipNotFound

      void setIsIgnoreZipNotFound(boolean IsIgnoreZipNotFound)
      Set Ignore Zip Not Found
    • isIgnoreZipNotFound

      boolean isIgnoreZipNotFound()
      Get Ignore Zip Not Found
    • setIsIgnoreZipStateNotMatch

      void setIsIgnoreZipStateNotMatch(boolean IsIgnoreZipStateNotMatch)
      Set Ignore Zip State Not Match
    • isIgnoreZipStateNotMatch

      boolean isIgnoreZipStateNotMatch()
      Get Ignore Zip State Not Match
    • setIsPriviledgedRate

      void setIsPriviledgedRate(boolean IsPriviledgedRate)
      Set Privileged Rate
    • isPriviledgedRate

      boolean isPriviledgedRate()
      Get Privileged Rate
    • setIsResidential

      void setIsResidential(boolean IsResidential)
      Set Residential
    • isResidential

      boolean isResidential()
      Get Residential
    • setIsSaturdayDelivery

      void setIsSaturdayDelivery(boolean IsSaturdayDelivery)
      Set Saturday Delivery
    • isSaturdayDelivery

      boolean isSaturdayDelivery()
      Get Saturday Delivery
    • setIsSaturdayPickup

      void setIsSaturdayPickup(boolean IsSaturdayPickup)
      Set Saturday Pickup
    • isSaturdayPickup

      boolean isSaturdayPickup()
      Get Saturday Pickup
    • setIsVerbalConfirmation

      void setIsVerbalConfirmation(boolean IsVerbalConfirmation)
      Set Verbal Confirmation
    • isVerbalConfirmation

      boolean isVerbalConfirmation()
      Get Verbal Confirmation
    • setLatestPickupTime

      void setLatestPickupTime(Timestamp LatestPickupTime)
      Set Latest Pickup Time
    • getLatestPickupTime

      Timestamp getLatestPickupTime()
      Get Latest Pickup Time
    • setLength

      void setLength(BigDecimal Length)
      Set Length
    • getLength

      BigDecimal getLength()
      Get Length
    • setM_InOut_ID

      void setM_InOut_ID(int M_InOut_ID)
      Set Shipment/Receipt. Material Shipment Document
    • getM_InOut_ID

      int getM_InOut_ID()
      Get Shipment/Receipt. Material Shipment Document
    • getM_InOut

      I_M_InOut getM_InOut() throws RuntimeException
    • setM_Package_ID

      void setM_Package_ID(int M_Package_ID)
      Set Package. Shipment Package
    • getM_Package_ID

      int getM_Package_ID()
      Get Package. Shipment Package
    • getM_Package

      I_M_Package getM_Package() throws RuntimeException
    • setM_Shipper_ID

      void setM_Shipper_ID(int M_Shipper_ID)
      Set Shipper. Method or manner of product delivery
    • getM_Shipper_ID

      int getM_Shipper_ID()
      Get Shipper. Method or manner of product delivery
    • getM_Shipper

      I_M_Shipper getM_Shipper() throws RuntimeException
    • setM_ShipperLabels_ID

      void setM_ShipperLabels_ID(int M_ShipperLabels_ID)
      Set Shipper Labels
    • getM_ShipperLabels_ID

      int getM_ShipperLabels_ID()
      Get Shipper Labels
    • getM_ShipperLabels

      I_M_ShipperLabels getM_ShipperLabels() throws RuntimeException
    • setM_ShipperPackaging_ID

      void setM_ShipperPackaging_ID(int M_ShipperPackaging_ID)
      Set Shipper Packaging
    • getM_ShipperPackaging_ID

      int getM_ShipperPackaging_ID()
      Get Shipper Packaging
    • getM_ShipperPackaging

      I_M_ShipperPackaging getM_ShipperPackaging() throws RuntimeException
    • setM_ShipperPickupTypes_ID

      void setM_ShipperPickupTypes_ID(int M_ShipperPickupTypes_ID)
      Set Shipper Pickup Types
    • getM_ShipperPickupTypes_ID

      int getM_ShipperPickupTypes_ID()
      Get Shipper Pickup Types
    • getM_ShipperPickupTypes

      I_M_ShipperPickupTypes getM_ShipperPickupTypes() throws RuntimeException
    • setM_ShippingProcessor_ID

      void setM_ShippingProcessor_ID(int M_ShippingProcessor_ID)
      Set Shipping Processor
    • getM_ShippingProcessor_ID

      int getM_ShippingProcessor_ID()
      Get Shipping Processor
    • getM_ShippingProcessor

      I_M_ShippingProcessor getM_ShippingProcessor() throws RuntimeException
    • setM_ShippingTransaction_ID

      void setM_ShippingTransaction_ID(int M_ShippingTransaction_ID)
      Set Shipping Transaction
    • getM_ShippingTransaction_ID

      int getM_ShippingTransaction_ID()
      Get Shipping Transaction
    • setM_ShippingTransaction_UU

      void setM_ShippingTransaction_UU(String M_ShippingTransaction_UU)
      Set M_ShippingTransaction_UU
    • getM_ShippingTransaction_UU

      String getM_ShippingTransaction_UU()
      Get M_ShippingTransaction_UU
    • setM_Warehouse_ID

      void setM_Warehouse_ID(int M_Warehouse_ID)
      Set Warehouse. Storage Warehouse and Service Point
    • getM_Warehouse_ID

      int getM_Warehouse_ID()
      Get Warehouse. Storage Warehouse and Service Point
    • getM_Warehouse

      I_M_Warehouse getM_Warehouse() throws RuntimeException
    • setNotificationMessage

      void setNotificationMessage(String NotificationMessage)
      Set Notification Message
    • getNotificationMessage

      String getNotificationMessage()
      Get Notification Message
    • setNotificationType

      void setNotificationType(String NotificationType)
      Set Notification Type. Type of Notifications
    • getNotificationType

      String getNotificationType()
      Get Notification Type. Type of Notifications
    • setPaymentRule

      void setPaymentRule(String PaymentRule)
      Set Payment Rule. How you pay the invoice
    • getPaymentRule

      String getPaymentRule()
      Get Payment Rule. How you pay the invoice
    • setPOReference

      void setPOReference(String POReference)
      Set Order Reference. Transaction Reference Number (Sales Order, Purchase Order) of your Business Partner
    • getPOReference

      String getPOReference()
      Get Order Reference. Transaction Reference Number (Sales Order, Purchase Order) of your Business Partner
    • setPrice

      void setPrice(BigDecimal Price)
      Set Price. Price
    • getPrice

      BigDecimal getPrice()
      Get Price. Price
    • setPriceActual

      void setPriceActual(BigDecimal PriceActual)
      Set Unit Price. Actual Price
    • getPriceActual

      BigDecimal getPriceActual()
      Get Unit Price. Actual Price
    • setProcessed

      void setProcessed(boolean Processed)
      Set Processed. The document has been processed
    • isProcessed

      boolean isProcessed()
      Get Processed. The document has been processed
    • setReceivedInfo

      void setReceivedInfo(String ReceivedInfo)
      Set Info Received. Information of the receipt of the package (acknowledgement)
    • getReceivedInfo

      String getReceivedInfo()
      Get Info Received. Information of the receipt of the package (acknowledgement)
    • setReturnBPartner_ID

      void setReturnBPartner_ID(int ReturnBPartner_ID)
      Set Return Partner
    • getReturnBPartner_ID

      int getReturnBPartner_ID()
      Get Return Partner
    • getReturnBPartner

      I_C_BPartner getReturnBPartner() throws RuntimeException
    • setReturnLocation_ID

      void setReturnLocation_ID(int ReturnLocation_ID)
      Set Return Location
    • getReturnLocation_ID

      int getReturnLocation_ID()
      Get Return Location
    • getReturnLocation

      I_C_BPartner_Location getReturnLocation() throws RuntimeException
    • setReturnUser_ID

      void setReturnUser_ID(int ReturnUser_ID)
      Set Return User/Contact
    • getReturnUser_ID

      int getReturnUser_ID()
      Get Return User/Contact
    • getReturnUser

      I_AD_User getReturnUser() throws RuntimeException
    • setSalesRep_ID

      void setSalesRep_ID(int SalesRep_ID)
      Set Sales Representative. Sales Representative or Company Agent
    • getSalesRep_ID

      int getSalesRep_ID()
      Get Sales Representative. Sales Representative or Company Agent
    • getSalesRep

      I_AD_User getSalesRep() throws RuntimeException
    • setShipDate

      void setShipDate(Timestamp ShipDate)
      Set Ship Date. Shipment Date/Time
    • getShipDate

      Timestamp getShipDate()
      Get Ship Date. Shipment Date/Time
    • setShipperAccount

      void setShipperAccount(String ShipperAccount)
      Set Shipper Account Number
    • getShipperAccount

      String getShipperAccount()
      Get Shipper Account Number
    • setShippingRespMessage

      void setShippingRespMessage(String ShippingRespMessage)
      Set Response Message
    • getShippingRespMessage

      String getShippingRespMessage()
      Get Response Message
    • setSurcharges

      void setSurcharges(BigDecimal Surcharges)
      Set Surcharges
    • getSurcharges

      BigDecimal getSurcharges()
      Get Surcharges
    • setTrackingInfo

      void setTrackingInfo(String TrackingInfo)
      Set Tracking Info
    • getTrackingInfo

      String getTrackingInfo()
      Get Tracking Info
    • setTrackingNo

      void setTrackingNo(String TrackingNo)
      Set Tracking No. Number to track the shipment
    • getTrackingNo

      String getTrackingNo()
      Get Tracking No. Number to track the shipment
    • getUpdated

      Timestamp getUpdated()
      Get Updated. Date this record was updated
    • getUpdatedBy

      int getUpdatedBy()
      Get Updated By. User who updated this records
    • setWeight

      void setWeight(BigDecimal Weight)
      Set Weight. Weight of a product
    • getWeight

      BigDecimal getWeight()
      Get Weight. Weight of a product
    • setWidth

      void setWidth(BigDecimal Width)
      Set Width
    • getWidth

      BigDecimal getWidth()
      Get Width