Interface I_C_AcctSchema_GL

All Known Implementing Classes:
MAcctSchemaGL, X_C_AcctSchema_GL

public interface I_C_AcctSchema_GL
Generated Interface for C_AcctSchema_GL
Release 11
iDempiere (generated)
  • Field Details

    • Table_Name

      static final String Table_Name
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    • Table_ID

      static final int Table_ID
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    • Model

      static final KeyNamePair Model
    • accessLevel

      static final BigDecimal accessLevel
      AccessLevel = 2 - Client

      static final String COLUMNNAME_AD_Client_ID
      Column name AD_Client_ID
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      static final String COLUMNNAME_AD_Org_ID
      Column name AD_Org_ID
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    • COLUMNNAME_C_AcctSchema_GL_UU

      static final String COLUMNNAME_C_AcctSchema_GL_UU
      Column name C_AcctSchema_GL_UU
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    • COLUMNNAME_C_AcctSchema_ID

      static final String COLUMNNAME_C_AcctSchema_ID
      Column name C_AcctSchema_ID
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    • COLUMNNAME_CommitmentOffset_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_CommitmentOffset_Acct
      Column name CommitmentOffset_Acct
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    • COLUMNNAME_CommitmentOffsetSales_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_CommitmentOffsetSales_Acct
      Column name CommitmentOffsetSales_Acct
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    • COLUMNNAME_Created

      static final String COLUMNNAME_Created
      Column name Created
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    • COLUMNNAME_CreatedBy

      static final String COLUMNNAME_CreatedBy
      Column name CreatedBy
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    • COLUMNNAME_CurrencyBalancing_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_CurrencyBalancing_Acct
      Column name CurrencyBalancing_Acct
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    • COLUMNNAME_IntercompanyDueFrom_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_IntercompanyDueFrom_Acct
      Column name IntercompanyDueFrom_Acct
      See Also:
    • COLUMNNAME_IntercompanyDueTo_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_IntercompanyDueTo_Acct
      Column name IntercompanyDueTo_Acct
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    • COLUMNNAME_IsActive

      static final String COLUMNNAME_IsActive
      Column name IsActive
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    • COLUMNNAME_PPVOffset_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_PPVOffset_Acct
      Column name PPVOffset_Acct
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    • COLUMNNAME_SuspenseBalancing_Acct

      static final String COLUMNNAME_SuspenseBalancing_Acct
      Column name SuspenseBalancing_Acct
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    • COLUMNNAME_Updated

      static final String COLUMNNAME_Updated
      Column name Updated
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    • COLUMNNAME_UpdatedBy

      static final String COLUMNNAME_UpdatedBy
      Column name UpdatedBy
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    • COLUMNNAME_UseCurrencyBalancing

      static final String COLUMNNAME_UseCurrencyBalancing
      Column name UseCurrencyBalancing
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    • COLUMNNAME_UseSuspenseBalancing

      static final String COLUMNNAME_UseSuspenseBalancing
      Column name UseSuspenseBalancing
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    • COLUMNNAME_UseSuspenseError

      static final String COLUMNNAME_UseSuspenseError
      Column name UseSuspenseError
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  • Method Details

    • getAD_Client_ID

      int getAD_Client_ID()
      Get Tenant. Tenant for this installation.
    • setAD_Org_ID

      void setAD_Org_ID(int AD_Org_ID)
      Set Organization. Organizational entity within tenant
    • getAD_Org_ID

      int getAD_Org_ID()
      Get Organization. Organizational entity within tenant
    • setC_AcctSchema_GL_UU

      void setC_AcctSchema_GL_UU(String C_AcctSchema_GL_UU)
      Set C_AcctSchema_GL_UU
    • getC_AcctSchema_GL_UU

      String getC_AcctSchema_GL_UU()
      Get C_AcctSchema_GL_UU
    • setC_AcctSchema_ID

      void setC_AcctSchema_ID(int C_AcctSchema_ID)
      Set Accounting Schema. Rules for accounting
    • getC_AcctSchema_ID

      int getC_AcctSchema_ID()
      Get Accounting Schema. Rules for accounting
    • getC_AcctSchema

      I_C_AcctSchema getC_AcctSchema() throws RuntimeException
    • setCommitmentOffset_Acct

      void setCommitmentOffset_Acct(int CommitmentOffset_Acct)
      Set Commitment Offset. Budgetary Commitment Offset Account
    • getCommitmentOffset_Acct

      int getCommitmentOffset_Acct()
      Get Commitment Offset. Budgetary Commitment Offset Account
    • getCommitmentOffset_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getCommitmentOffset_A() throws RuntimeException
    • setCommitmentOffsetSales_Acct

      void setCommitmentOffsetSales_Acct(int CommitmentOffsetSales_Acct)
      Set Commitment Offset Sales. Budgetary Commitment Offset Account for Sales
    • getCommitmentOffsetSales_Acct

      int getCommitmentOffsetSales_Acct()
      Get Commitment Offset Sales. Budgetary Commitment Offset Account for Sales
    • getCommitmentOffsetSales_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getCommitmentOffsetSales_A() throws RuntimeException
    • getCreated

      Timestamp getCreated()
      Get Created. Date this record was created
    • getCreatedBy

      int getCreatedBy()
      Get Created By. User who created this records
    • setCurrencyBalancing_Acct

      void setCurrencyBalancing_Acct(int CurrencyBalancing_Acct)
      Set Currency Balancing Acct. Account used when a currency is out of balance
    • getCurrencyBalancing_Acct

      int getCurrencyBalancing_Acct()
      Get Currency Balancing Acct. Account used when a currency is out of balance
    • getCurrencyBalancing_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getCurrencyBalancing_A() throws RuntimeException
    • setIntercompanyDueFrom_Acct

      void setIntercompanyDueFrom_Acct(int IntercompanyDueFrom_Acct)
      Set Intercompany Due From Acct. Intercompany Due From / Receivables Account
    • getIntercompanyDueFrom_Acct

      int getIntercompanyDueFrom_Acct()
      Get Intercompany Due From Acct. Intercompany Due From / Receivables Account
    • getIntercompanyDueFrom_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getIntercompanyDueFrom_A() throws RuntimeException
    • setIntercompanyDueTo_Acct

      void setIntercompanyDueTo_Acct(int IntercompanyDueTo_Acct)
      Set Intercompany Due To Acct. Intercompany Due To / Payable Account
    • getIntercompanyDueTo_Acct

      int getIntercompanyDueTo_Acct()
      Get Intercompany Due To Acct. Intercompany Due To / Payable Account
    • getIntercompanyDueTo_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getIntercompanyDueTo_A() throws RuntimeException
    • setIsActive

      void setIsActive(boolean IsActive)
      Set Active. The record is active in the system
    • isActive

      boolean isActive()
      Get Active. The record is active in the system
    • setPPVOffset_Acct

      void setPPVOffset_Acct(int PPVOffset_Acct)
      Set PPV Offset. Purchase Price Variance Offset Account
    • getPPVOffset_Acct

      int getPPVOffset_Acct()
      Get PPV Offset. Purchase Price Variance Offset Account
    • getPPVOffset_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getPPVOffset_A() throws RuntimeException
    • setSuspenseBalancing_Acct

      void setSuspenseBalancing_Acct(int SuspenseBalancing_Acct)
      Set Suspense Balancing Acct
    • getSuspenseBalancing_Acct

      int getSuspenseBalancing_Acct()
      Get Suspense Balancing Acct
    • getSuspenseBalancing_A

      I_C_ValidCombination getSuspenseBalancing_A() throws RuntimeException
    • getUpdated

      Timestamp getUpdated()
      Get Updated. Date this record was updated
    • getUpdatedBy

      int getUpdatedBy()
      Get Updated By. User who updated this records
    • setUseCurrencyBalancing

      void setUseCurrencyBalancing(boolean UseCurrencyBalancing)
      Set Use Currency Balancing
    • isUseCurrencyBalancing

      boolean isUseCurrencyBalancing()
      Get Use Currency Balancing
    • setUseSuspenseBalancing

      void setUseSuspenseBalancing(boolean UseSuspenseBalancing)
      Set Use Suspense Balancing
    • isUseSuspenseBalancing

      boolean isUseSuspenseBalancing()
      Get Use Suspense Balancing
    • setUseSuspenseError

      void setUseSuspenseError(boolean UseSuspenseError)
      Set Use Suspense Error
    • isUseSuspenseError

      boolean isUseSuspenseError()
      Get Use Suspense Error