Package org.adempiere.webui

package org.adempiere.webui
Provide classes for initialization and entry point to iDempiere web client.
Provide entry point for access to UI extensions.
  • Class
    Id generator for selenium ide recording.
    You don't need this to run ztl or zk jq selector based test script but it would help to code or troubleshoot the test script.
    Entry point for iDempiere web client (index.zul)
    Model for client info from browser
    Handle web application initialization event to manage configuration from zk.xml and AD_SysConfig
    Deprecated, for removal: This API element is subject to removal in a future version.
    Entry point to get implementation instance for UI extensions (through OSGI service or Equinox extension).
    Window to show and print shipping label image from attachment
    Interface for any component want support show other window over it with a mask.
    Class manage component as AbstractUIPart also implement this interface.
    Consider following scenario:
    Interface for web client
    Some static UI helper methods
    Sync state of HttpSession and AD_Session
    Helper class for ISupportMask implementation.
    Utility class for selenium support
    Window to show and print shipping label in html and image format
    Maintain Value Preferences.
    Archive Button Action.
    Create and show popup menu.
    BundleActivator for web client.
    Start WindowValidatorManager.
    Manage login window for login and role selection
    Handle Request Button Action.
    Handle Zoom Across button action.