Interface IBankStatementLoaderFactory

public interface IBankStatementLoaderFactory
Factory Interface for plugins to connect to the iDempiere core and provide a way to load BankStatement lines. This can be used e.g. by a HBCI importer plugin or just by a plugin to connect via csv or a webservice (or whatever) to your bank.
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    • newBankStatementLoaderInstance

      BankStatementLoaderInterface newBankStatementLoaderInstance(String className)
      This class will be implemented in OSGi plugins. Every plugin that provides this service may or may not provide an BankStatementLoader depending on the given classname. The classname can be given by the user in the "Bank" window in the "Bank Statement Loader" tab. By convention this classname is the fully qualified classname of the Loader class you want to use.
      className -
      BankStatementLoaderInterface instance