Class DepreciationDTO

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public class DepreciationDTO extends Object implements Serializable
Parameter to calculate depreciation
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  • Field Details

    • period

      public int period
      Period to calculate for
    • salvage

      public BigDecimal salvage
      Salvage amount after full depreciation
    • useFullLife

      public BigDecimal useFullLife
      time to depreciation
    • useFullLifeUnit

      public int useFullLifeUnit
    • inServiceDate

      public Timestamp inServiceDate
      date start depreciation
    • accountDate

      public Timestamp accountDate
      date booking, at the moment inServiceDate isn't mandatory, in case don't input inServiceDate, can use accountDate as inServiceDate
    • transferDay

      public Timestamp transferDay
      date asset transfer to other org. so days to depreciate of last period of source org like end period of life, it can not full month days so days to depreciate of first period of destination org like start period of life, it can not full month days
    • startPeriodDepreciation

      public int startPeriodDepreciation
      period start to calculate depreciate
    • accumulatedCost

      public BigDecimal accumulatedCost
      accumulated when start calculate for startPeriodDepreciation
    • totalAmount

      public BigDecimal totalAmount
      asset cost
    • scale

      public int scale
    • depreciationId

      public int depreciationId
      in case DTO isn't enough or not suitable for your method, use depreciationId to get X_A_Depreciation_Workfile so you can get more relate info
    • trxName

      public String trxName
      name of current transaction
  • Constructor Details

    • DepreciationDTO

      public DepreciationDTO()