Provide iDempiere workflow engine implementation
  • Classes
    Document Value Workflow Manager
    Extended Workflow Activity Model for AD_WF_Activity.
    not fully implemented, marked as inactive in dictionary
    Extended Workflow Event Audit model for AD_WF_EventAudit
    Extended Workflow Transition Condition model for AD_WF_NextCondition
    Extended Workflow Node Model for AD_WF_Node
    Extended Workflow Node Next model for AD_WF_NodeNext
    Extended Workflow Node Process Parameter Model for AD_WF_Node_Para
    Extended Workflow Process model for AD_WF_Process
    Extended Workflow Responsible model for AD_WF_Responsible
    Extended WorkFlow Model for AD_Workflow
    Extended Workflow Access Model for AD_Workflow_Access
    Extended Workflow Processor Model for AD_WorkflowProcessor
    Extended Workflow Processor Log model for AD_WorkflowProcessorLog
    Process to Manage Workflow Activity
    Process to Manage Workflow Process
    Process to Move Workflow Customizations from System to Client
    Process to Validate Workflow