Interface I_U_BlackListCheque

All Known Implementing Classes:
MBlackListCheque, X_U_BlackListCheque

public interface I_U_BlackListCheque
Generated Interface for U_BlackListCheque
Release 11
iDempiere (generated)
  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • getAD_Client_ID

      int getAD_Client_ID()
      Get Tenant. Tenant for this installation.
    • setAD_Org_ID

      void setAD_Org_ID(int AD_Org_ID)
      Set Organization. Organizational entity within tenant
    • getAD_Org_ID

      int getAD_Org_ID()
      Get Organization. Organizational entity within tenant
    • setBankName

      void setBankName(String BankName)
      Set Bank Name
    • getBankName

      String getBankName()
      Get Bank Name
    • setChequeNo

      void setChequeNo(String ChequeNo)
      Set Cheque No
    • getChequeNo

      String getChequeNo()
      Get Cheque No
    • getCreated

      Timestamp getCreated()
      Get Created. Date this record was created
    • getCreatedBy

      int getCreatedBy()
      Get Created By. User who created this records
    • setIsActive

      void setIsActive(boolean IsActive)
      Set Active. The record is active in the system
    • isActive

      boolean isActive()
      Get Active. The record is active in the system
    • setU_BlackListCheque_ID

      void setU_BlackListCheque_ID(int U_BlackListCheque_ID)
      Set Black List Cheque
    • getU_BlackListCheque_ID

      int getU_BlackListCheque_ID()
      Get Black List Cheque
    • setU_BlackListCheque_UU

      void setU_BlackListCheque_UU(String U_BlackListCheque_UU)
      Set U_BlackListCheque_UU
    • getU_BlackListCheque_UU

      String getU_BlackListCheque_UU()
      Get U_BlackListCheque_UU
    • getUpdated

      Timestamp getUpdated()
      Get Updated. Date this record was updated
    • getUpdatedBy

      int getUpdatedBy()
      Get Updated By. User who updated this records