Interface I_T_1099Extract

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public interface I_T_1099Extract
Generated Interface for T_1099Extract
Release 11
iDempiere (generated)
  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • getAD_Client_ID

      int getAD_Client_ID()
      Get Tenant. Tenant for this installation.
    • setAD_Org_ID

      void setAD_Org_ID(int AD_Org_ID)
      Set Organization. Organizational entity within tenant
    • getAD_Org_ID

      int getAD_Org_ID()
      Get Organization. Organizational entity within tenant
    • setAD_PInstance_ID

      void setAD_PInstance_ID(int AD_PInstance_ID)
      Set Process Instance. Instance of the process
    • getAD_PInstance_ID

      int getAD_PInstance_ID()
      Get Process Instance. Instance of the process
    • getAD_PInstance

      I_AD_PInstance getAD_PInstance() throws RuntimeException
    • setAmtBucket01

      void setAmtBucket01(BigDecimal AmtBucket01)
      Set Amount Bucket 1
    • getAmtBucket01

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket01()
      Get Amount Bucket 1
    • setAmtBucket02

      void setAmtBucket02(BigDecimal AmtBucket02)
      Set Amount Bucket 2
    • getAmtBucket02

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket02()
      Get Amount Bucket 2
    • setAmtBucket03

      void setAmtBucket03(BigDecimal AmtBucket03)
      Set Amount Bucket 3
    • getAmtBucket03

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket03()
      Get Amount Bucket 3
    • setAmtBucket04

      void setAmtBucket04(BigDecimal AmtBucket04)
      Set Amount Bucket 4
    • getAmtBucket04

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket04()
      Get Amount Bucket 4
    • setAmtBucket05

      void setAmtBucket05(BigDecimal AmtBucket05)
      Set Amount Bucket 5
    • getAmtBucket05

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket05()
      Get Amount Bucket 5
    • setAmtBucket06

      void setAmtBucket06(BigDecimal AmtBucket06)
      Set Amount Bucket 6
    • getAmtBucket06

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket06()
      Get Amount Bucket 6
    • setAmtBucket07

      void setAmtBucket07(BigDecimal AmtBucket07)
      Set Amount Bucket 7
    • getAmtBucket07

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket07()
      Get Amount Bucket 7
    • setAmtBucket08

      void setAmtBucket08(BigDecimal AmtBucket08)
      Set Amount Bucket 8
    • getAmtBucket08

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket08()
      Get Amount Bucket 8
    • setAmtBucket09

      void setAmtBucket09(BigDecimal AmtBucket09)
      Set Amount Bucket 9
    • getAmtBucket09

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket09()
      Get Amount Bucket 9
    • setAmtBucket10

      void setAmtBucket10(BigDecimal AmtBucket10)
      Set Amount Bucket 10
    • getAmtBucket10

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket10()
      Get Amount Bucket 10
    • setAmtBucket11

      void setAmtBucket11(BigDecimal AmtBucket11)
      Set Amount Bucket 11
    • getAmtBucket11

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket11()
      Get Amount Bucket 11
    • setAmtBucket12

      void setAmtBucket12(BigDecimal AmtBucket12)
      Set Amount Bucket 12
    • getAmtBucket12

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket12()
      Get Amount Bucket 12
    • setAmtBucket13

      void setAmtBucket13(BigDecimal AmtBucket13)
      Set Amount Bucket 13
    • getAmtBucket13

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket13()
      Get Amount Bucket 13
    • setAmtBucket14

      void setAmtBucket14(BigDecimal AmtBucket14)
      Set Amount Bucket 14
    • getAmtBucket14

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket14()
      Get Amount Bucket 14
    • setAmtBucket15

      void setAmtBucket15(BigDecimal AmtBucket15)
      Set Amount Bucket 15
    • getAmtBucket15

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket15()
      Get Amount Bucket 15
    • setAmtBucket16

      void setAmtBucket16(BigDecimal AmtBucket16)
      Set Amount Bucket 16
    • getAmtBucket16

      BigDecimal getAmtBucket16()
      Get Amount Bucket 16
    • setC_BPartner_ID

      void setC_BPartner_ID(int C_BPartner_ID)
      Set Business Partner. Identifies a Business Partner
    • getC_BPartner_ID

      int getC_BPartner_ID()
      Get Business Partner. Identifies a Business Partner
    • getC_BPartner

      I_C_BPartner getC_BPartner() throws RuntimeException
    • setC_Location_ID

      void setC_Location_ID(int C_Location_ID)
      Set Address. Location or Address
    • getC_Location_ID

      int getC_Location_ID()
      Get Address. Location or Address
    • getC_Location

      I_C_Location getC_Location() throws RuntimeException
    • getCreated

      Timestamp getCreated()
      Get Created. Date this record was created
    • getCreatedBy

      int getCreatedBy()
      Get Created By. User who created this records
    • setCut_Date

      void setCut_Date(Timestamp Cut_Date)
      Set Cut Date
    • getCut_Date

      Timestamp getCut_Date()
      Get Cut Date
    • setCut_Year

      void setCut_Year(int Cut_Year)
      Set Cut Year
    • getCut_Year

      int getCut_Year()
      Get Cut Year
    • setIsActive

      void setIsActive(boolean IsActive)
      Set Active. The record is active in the system
    • isActive

      boolean isActive()
      Get Active. The record is active in the system
    • setName

      void setName(String Name)
      Set Name. Alphanumeric identifier of the entity
    • getName

      String getName()
      Get Name. Alphanumeric identifier of the entity
    • setT_1099Extract_UU

      void setT_1099Extract_UU(String T_1099Extract_UU)
      Set T_1099Extract_UU
    • getT_1099Extract_UU

      String getT_1099Extract_UU()
      Get T_1099Extract_UU
    • setTaxID

      void setTaxID(String TaxID)
      Set Tax ID. Tax Identification
    • getTaxID

      String getTaxID()
      Get Tax ID. Tax Identification
    • getUpdated

      Timestamp getUpdated()
      Get Updated. Date this record was updated
    • getUpdatedBy

      int getUpdatedBy()
      Get Updated By. User who updated this records
    • setValue

      void setValue(String Value)
      Set Search Key. Search key for the record in the format required - must be unique
    • getValue

      String getValue()
      Get Search Key. Search key for the record in the format required - must be unique