Interface I_AD_PInstance_Log

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public interface I_AD_PInstance_Log
Generated Interface for AD_PInstance_Log
Release 11
iDempiere (generated)
  • Field Details

  • Method Details

    • setAD_PInstance_ID

      void setAD_PInstance_ID(int AD_PInstance_ID)
      Set Process Instance. Instance of the process
    • getAD_PInstance_ID

      int getAD_PInstance_ID()
      Get Process Instance. Instance of the process
    • getAD_PInstance

      I_AD_PInstance getAD_PInstance() throws RuntimeException
    • setAD_PInstance_Log_UU

      void setAD_PInstance_Log_UU(String AD_PInstance_Log_UU)
      Set AD_PInstance_Log_UU
    • getAD_PInstance_Log_UU

      String getAD_PInstance_Log_UU()
      Get AD_PInstance_Log_UU
    • setAD_Table_ID

      void setAD_Table_ID(int AD_Table_ID)
      Set Table. Database Table information
    • getAD_Table_ID

      int getAD_Table_ID()
      Get Table. Database Table information
    • getAD_Table

      I_AD_Table getAD_Table() throws RuntimeException
    • setLog_ID

      void setLog_ID(int Log_ID)
      Set Log
    • getLog_ID

      int getLog_ID()
      Get Log
    • setP_Date

      void setP_Date(Timestamp P_Date)
      Set Process Date. Process Parameter
    • getP_Date

      Timestamp getP_Date()
      Get Process Date. Process Parameter
    • setP_ID

      void setP_ID(int P_ID)
      Set Process ID
    • getP_ID

      int getP_ID()
      Get Process ID
    • setPInstanceLogType

      void setPInstanceLogType(String PInstanceLogType)
      Set Log Type. Process Audit Log Type
    • getPInstanceLogType

      String getPInstanceLogType()
      Get Log Type. Process Audit Log Type
    • setP_Msg

      void setP_Msg(String P_Msg)
      Set Process Message
    • getP_Msg

      String getP_Msg()
      Get Process Message
    • setP_Number

      void setP_Number(BigDecimal P_Number)
      Set Process Number. Process Parameter
    • getP_Number

      BigDecimal getP_Number()
      Get Process Number. Process Parameter
    • setRecord_ID

      void setRecord_ID(int Record_ID)
      Set Record ID. Direct internal record ID
    • getRecord_ID

      int getRecord_ID()
      Get Record ID. Direct internal record ID