Class PackInFolder

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public class PackInFolder extends SvrProcess
Apply all zip files from a folder following the rules and conventions of Automatic Pack In process This process apply all the pack in files found in a folder recursively - ordered by timestamp. The filename of the pack in files is important, it must follow the following convention: [Timestamp]_[ClientValue][_AdditionalInformation].zip - Timestamp: must be in the format yyyymmddHHMM - ClientValue: case sensitive and compared against AD_Client.Value to find the tenant where the pack in must be applied - AdditionalInformation: Any additional information to identify the zip file NOTE that AD_Client.Value must not contain underscore in order for this process to work. There is a special case for ClientValue, if the ClientValue is ALL-CLIENTS then the 2pack is intended to be applied in all active non-system clients. If there is a need to apply initially in a seed tenant then the ClientValue must take the form ALL-CLIENTS-Seed. For example:
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      public PackInFolder()
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