Class PORelationException

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public class PORelationException extends AdempiereException
Exception related to invalid MRelationType configuration.
Tobias Schoeneberg, - FR [ 2897194 ] Advanced Zoom and RelationTypes
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      public static final String MSG_ERR_KEY_COLUMNS_2P
      Message indicates that a po has more or less than one key columns.
      • Param 1: the po (toString)
      • Param 2: the number of key columns
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      public static final String MSG_ERR_WINDOW_3P
      Message indicates that neither the reference nor the table have an AD_Window_ID set.
      • Param 1: The AD_Reference's name
      • Param 2: The Table name
      • Param 3: Whether we are in the ctx of a SO (Y or N)
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    • adMsg

      public final String adMsg
    • msgParams

      public final Object[] msgParams
  • Method Details

    • throwWrongKeyColumnCount

      public static void throwWrongKeyColumnCount(PO po)
      Throw wrong number of key column count exception
      po -
    • throwMissingWindowId

      public static void throwMissingWindowId(PO po, String referenceName, String tableName, boolean isSOTrx)
      throw missing AD_Window_ID exception
      po -
      referenceName -
      tableName -
      isSOTrx -